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Control Alt Deus

AMK, João Pinheiro (aka Johnny Hex)

Члены группы Control Alt Deus: AMK, J. Hex
Группа в интернете: http://controlaltdeus.com/, http://controlaltdeus.bandcamp.com/, http://www.facebook.com/pages/Control-Alt-Deus/151563304619, http://www.myspace.com/controlaltdeus, http://www.lastfm.com.br/music/Control+Alt+Deus

Дискография Control Alt Deus:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Made Of Fire 5 audio iTunes 2008-12-24 Enough Records
2 Demo 2008 8 audio iTunes 2008-12-06 Enough Records
3 Aftermath 4 audio iTunes 2010-05-17 Enough Records
4 Digital Nemesis 3 audio iTunes 2011-10-04 Not On Label (Control Alt Deus Self-released)
5 Digital Nemesis 3 audio iTunes 2011-10-04 Not On Label (Control Alt Deus Self-released)

Control Alt Deus is an aggrotech / harsh ebm act from Lisbon, Portugal by AMK and Hex. They feature an EBM base, trance inspired sound-structures and punk attitude. However, they also add innovative elements of drum n bass, electro-industrial, synthpop and more. CAD refuses all genre cliches and rules; their music is powerful, dark, intense, and wholly original, a sound that no one is able or capable to imitate or emulate properly. Control Alt Deus was formed in early 2007. After a series of acclaimed live albums and demos, they temporarily disbanded in 2008. However, in summer 2009 they reunited and later released the Aftermath EP. They remain unsigned as of October 2009. Although their intention was to sound unlike any previous band on the scene, nevertheless they (are frequently categorized with bands like Panic Lift, Aesthetic Perfection and genCAB. These artists belong to ongoing wave of American harsh ebm bands that mix the genre with idm, punk, emo and even pop influences. Similarly to Control Alt Deus, they tend to feature emotional, intelligent lyrics and complex instrumentation. Control Alt Deus is, with Adrenochrome, one of the only European exponents of his sound. Control Alt Deus’s first work was a cover of Technoman by And One; the song was probably produced somewhere near the beginning of 2007. Soon afterwards, they started to produce their own music. Featuring throat-shredding vocals by AMK and minimalist, yet effective music by J. Hex (also of U.M.M. and Vysehrad), the two began writing and recording songs for their demos throughout the coming years. During that time, CAD became one of the most iconic EBM bands on the Portugal territory. Playing frequently live next to Portugal EBM icons like Esc, PsychotekTrauma and others, they garnered unprecedented support from the scene in their home country. During 2008, Control Alt Deus released two freely and publicly accessible demos through the netlabel Enough Records and a free live recording of their concert in Metropolis Club in Lisbon. Control Alt Deus probably received invitations from record labels for a contract during their active time (this was never officially confirmed); however, tensions in the group forced them to disband before they accepted one. Their demos still remains available for free downloads online here on last.FM, Enough Records and their myspace page. In 2009 they reunited with the Aftermath EP. (Info from Last.FM and MySpace)

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