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Blue Stahli

Bret Autrey

Группа в интернете: http://www.bluestahli.com

Дискография Blue Stahli:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 ULTRAnumb Remix Compilation 18 audio iTunes 2010-09-21 FiXT Music
2 Antisleep Vol. 01 18 audio iTunes 2008
3 Kill Me Every Time 4 audio iTunes 2008 FiXT Music
4 Blue Stahli 10 audio iTunes 2011-03-02 FiXT Music
5 Blue Stahli 10 audio iTunes 2011-03-02 FiXT Music
6 Blue Stahli Instrumentals 10 audio iTunes 2012-01-17 FiXT Music
7 Antisleep Vol. 02 17 audio iTunes 2011-12-16 FiXT Music
8 Smackdown 3 audio iTunes 2011-11-01 FiXT Music
9 Antisleep Vol. 02 17 audio iTunes 2011-12-16
10 Antisleep Vol. 03 13 audio iTunes 2012-12-18
11 Antisleep Vol. 03 13 audio iTunes 2012-12-18
12 Antisleep Vol. 03 13 audio iTunes 2013-01-22 FiXT Music
13 B-Sides And Other Things I Forgot 12 audio iTunes 2013-05-07 FiXT Music
14 So So Bad Remixes 6 audio iTunes 2013-04-23 FiXT Music
15 Corner/Metamorphosis/Give Me Everything You've Got Remixes 16 audio iTunes 2013-04-30 FiXT Music
16 Never Dance Again 4 audio iTunes 2013-05-14 FiXT Music
17 Antisleep Vol. 01 18 audio iTunes 2008-01-01
18 Blue Stahli 2 audio iTunes 2012-03-20 FiXT Music
19 Anti You Remixes 14 audio iTunes 2012-05-15 FiXT Music
20 Anti You Remixes 14 audio iTunes 2012-05-14 FiXT Music
21 The Devil (Chapter 01) 4 audio iTunes 2013-12-18 FiXT Music

The sole member of Blue Stahli, Bret, comes from a background of fetish burlesque troupes, drag queen fronted punk bands and believes that he is visited in his dreams by the ghost of William S. Burroughs. In addition to writing and performing Blue Stahli, he is also the other touring member of the Celldweller live show. During live performances, he is frequently given to fits of spastic energy while abusing guitars, making loud angry noises on synths, and punishing a tricked out tribal drum set like he caught it breaking into his house. Celldweller mastermind, Klayton, dons the producer role of Blue Stahli (and thus keeping Bret from accidentally lighting himself on fire). The music of Blue Stahli is not only meant to be aggressive, artistic, and full of piss’n'vinegar, but also vividly cinematic and wildly epic. Trailers and promos for films such as “Tron Legacy”, “Colombiana”, “Sucker Punch” and “Limitless” all the way to TV shows like “America’s Next Top Model”, “Bones” and “Criminal Minds” feature Blue Stahli to create an exciting musical backdrop. Video games like “Dead Rising 2″ and ads for Victoria’s Secret have also utilized the music of Blue Stahli to inject their productions with rawness and energy. Either that, or a family member was held for ransom. Bret has never been successfully prosecuted, so we may never know. The self-titled debut album is a double-barreled blast of anthemic songs that are just as focused on providing an emotional escape as they are to making you feel as though you could singlehandedly take on an entire army. Infectious vocal hooks ranging from sensual and emotive to screaming-bloody-murder serve as the foundation for stronger-than-steel songwriting while giant chainsaw guitar riffs threaten to burn cities to the ground in a blaze of hooky, distorted glory. Slick electronics and dramatic production provide a gripping cinematic atmosphere with more intrigue than a box full of Bond flicks. Live drums and tribal toms are pulverized with a ferocity typically reserved for guerilla warfare while sexy breakbeats cut through with a precision hellbent on giving you and your hips more groove than is physically or legally allowed. These ten songs of fury and release will get stuck in your head and stay there. Do not defy them. The pure visceral feeling of Blue Stahli is a getaway drive into oblivion, cutting a jet-black swath down midnight asphalt. Clawing, scratching and tearing through to catharsis with the hyperstylized jagged edge of revenge. Art is a weapon. Use it.

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