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Jorge Bezerra

Также известно как: Jorge Bezerra Junior

Дискография Jorge Bezerra:

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Brazilian percussionist. Born in Rio de Janeiro in 1978, Jorge Bezerra, Jr. began playing percussion with Candomblé's drums, in Afro-Brazilian religious ceremonies. He did his first professional gig in 1993 with Afro-music band "Lemy Ayo" where he was the artistic director. In 1995, he arranged and led another popular Afro-Cuban band called "Orunmila". He moved to Paris in 1998, where Jorge played all types of drums, particularly religious Afro-Cuban drums like batas and candomblé atabaques, which he specializes in. To date, Jorge has participated in a great number of world tours with such notable world music artists as Tupinago, Bebel Gilberto or St. Germain, Ben Sidran and others. He has traveled to 40 countries and performed more than 100 live concerts. In 2004, Jorge was the most acclaimed musician in "Baku Jazz Festival"(Azerbaidjian) and won the first prize. Jorge began to make a name for himself with the Joe Zawinul Syndicate, which gave him the chance to share the stage with Herbie Hancock, Ernest Hungly, Monty Alexander, Ernest Hungly, Idrissa Diop, Carlinhos Brown,...

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