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Wasabi (4)

Dimos Stamatelos

Группа в интернете: http://www.myspace.com/wasabisounds, http://twitter.com/wasabisounds, http://soundcloud.com/wasabi

Дискография Wasabi (4):

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Dimos Stamatelos aka Wasabi has been producing since 2004 and djing since 1995. He started with Electro House and Breaks under his old moniker : Stama and he turned the things to the Tech House and House direction after 2 years when he realized his pure love for House Music. Wasabi has become a name synonymous with quality house music. He run Erase Records since 2003 and has played in the Biggest hot spots around the globe in London, New York, Miami, Sao Paolo, Poland, Germany, Italy, Thailand and more! Wasabi coproduces with Vogue and they have signed tunes to Umek’s Label : 1605, and Dj Wady’s: Bedroom Muzik. Wasabi & Vogue have delivered tracks for Erase Records with massive rmxes from Dan Castro, Horatio, Monoroom and Dyno He has delivered rmxes for Jamie’s Anderson Artform Records where his rmx has been charted by Roger Sanchez in his Beatport Chart. In the meanwhile Wasabi’s productions has been played by ROGER SANCHEZ, UMEK, RICHARD DINSDALE, D-FORMATION, DAN CASTRO, DAVID JONES, CHRISTIAN VARELA, SERGIO FERNANDEZ, JAMIE ANDERSON,Dj WADY, ENZO SIFFREDI, RUS DEEKS( I-Dj, This is Why WeDance), TAVO, HORATIO and more! A side Project is another collaboration with Outcode ,producing Fat Club Music! Many tracks in progress and many signs in the Pipeline by his Own and his partners : Vogue and Outcode! Some extra works in progress with his Italian friends : Andrea Loche and Corrado Zonnedda Also Wasabi has got the Position of A/R for Erase and Diablo Loco ( a New Tech Funk /Breaks Sublabel with Vim Records) . Constantly rising Followers and Fans at Facebook and Soundcloud and big support from Pure Party Animals around the Globe!

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