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Rain Delay

Rain Delay

Также известно как: RD
Члены группы Rain Delay: Aleksandra Rasulić, Ana Pešić, Bojana Milosavljević, Dušan Pešić, Marko Mrčarica, Milan Šuput, Stefan Radojković, Željko Zec
Группа в интернете: http://www.myspace.com/raindelay

Дискография Rain Delay:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 We Forget 8 audio iTunes 2008 Mr. Metal Records
2 As I Bequeath My Yesterday 8 audio iTunes 2004 Active Time
3 Slumber Recon 8 audio iTunes 2011-05-07 SMP Music
4 Slumber Recon 8 audio iTunes 2011

Formed in Belgrade, Serbia, on 5th of January 2003, initially as a three-piece-semi-acoustic-project, Rain Delay with their debut As I Bequeath My Yesterday (2005) (Active Time Records) grew into a promising and daring young band that pushed many musical boundaries. Starting with their original, and in many ways beautiful form of atmospheric doom/black metal/rock they went on much further on their sophomore album We Forget (2008) (Mr. Metal Records). Today they represent a very listenable, nevertheless radio-friendly, sui generis form of fusion metal, enhanced with much melodic death, post-hardcore and even jazzy/funky influences, but keeping in touch with their musical roots. Just imagine [a=Opeth], [a=Saturnus], [a=Burst], [a=Poison the Well], [a=Faith No More] and [a=Chris Rea] in one band. Well, if you do that you may be one inch closer to their essence... Now cherished by all sorts of music fans, also appreciated by their colleagues as a very professional band, they played numerous great gigs, concerts and festivals, in over 30 towns in their homeland, such as the famous EXIT festival in Novi Sad. Also they were the opening act for bands [a=Katatonia], [a=Klimt 1918] and [a=Charon]. In 2008, the band composed the music for a movie by Nebojša Radosavljević called “Who the Fuck is Miloš Branković?” which premiered on 36th Belgrade film festival – FEST 2008. Expansion on a foreign market (that just might be well beyond their current underground popularity) is in progress. Current band members: Aleksanar Đorđić - guitar Danko Radulović - bass Antonio Maletin - drums Dušan Pešić - vocals, guitar Ex-members Ana Pešić - vocals Aleksandra Rasulić - vocals Bojana Milosavljević - Vocals Željko Zec - guitar Stefan Radojković - bass Marko Mrčarica - Mrki drums Milan Šuput - bass

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