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Les Cowboys Fringants

Члены группы Les Cowboys Fringants: Dominique Lebeau (2), Jérôme Dupras, Jean-François Pauzé, Karl Tremblay, Marie-Annick Lépine
Группа в интернете: http://www.cowboysfringants.com/

Дискография Les Cowboys Fringants:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Sur Un Air De Déjà Vu 16 audio iTunes 2008-10-14 La Tribu
2 La Grand-Messe 23 audio iTunes 2004-11-23 La Tribu
3 L'Expédition 14 audio iTunes 2008-09-23 La Tribu
4 Break Syndical 14 audio iTunes 2002-03-05 La Tribu
5 Break Syndical 14 audio iTunes 2004 La Tribu
6 Attache Ta Tuque ! 36 audio iTunes 2003-05-13 La Tribu
7 Que Du Vent 11 audio iTunes 2011-11-14 La Tribu
8 Break Syndical 13 audio iTunes 2010-08-00 La Tribu
9 Centre Bell - 30 Décembre 2003 3 audio iTunes 2004 La Tribu
10 Au Grand Théâtre De Québec 25 audio iTunes 2007 La Tribu
11 Sur Un Air De Déjà Vu 16 audio iTunes 2008

Les Cowboys Fringants (English: The Frisky Cowboys) are a popular band and cult phenomenon from Quebec, who perform Québécois néo-trad music (modernized Quebec folk music with a rock flavour), the band also draws on Country music. They have gained an international underground following, especially in France, French-speaking Belgium and Switzerland. There is even a group of French fans called Les Cousins Fringants (a take on the expression cousin that the French use to affectionately call French Canadians). They hail from the Montreal suburb of Repentigny and L'Assomption. The entire band collaborates on the lyrics, although guitarist Jean-François Pauzé often contributes more than the others. The fundamental aspect of the band are their explosive live performances, captured on the Attache ta tuque live album and the Centre Bell 30 décembre 2003 DVD.

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