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Также известно как: Foula, Fulani, The, Les Jeunes Gens Peuhls de Lamordé-Bittinkodji, Les Peuls, Peul, Peuls, Peuls, The
Члены группы Fula: Wodaabe
Группа в интернете: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fulani

Дискография Fula:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Musique Traditionnelle D'Afrique: Flûtes Et Rythmes Du Cameroun 5 audio iTunes SFP (Société Française De Productions Phonographiques)
2 Burkina Faso - La Voix Des Peuls / The Voice Of The Fulbe 18 audio iTunes 1997 Le Chant Du Monde
3 Niger / Northern Bénin: Music Of The Fulani / Musique Des Peuls 16 audio iTunes 1988
4 Le Mali Du Fleuve 9 audio iTunes 1970
5 La Flute Qui Parle - Musique Du Fouta-Djalon 2 audio iTunes 1987 Not On Label (Gérard Bagès Self-released)

Discogs notice: This artist does not refer to a specific group of named individuals (such as a band or musical group) but rather defines the collective term for [b]an ethnic group[/b] spread over many countries, predominantly in [b]West Africa, but found also in Central Africa and Sudanese North Africa[/b]. Please use this "artist" name (or any language variation thereof, via an ANV) for the [b]Adamawa Fula, Adamawa Fulani, Afuli, Felata, Fellaata, Fellah, Fellani, Fellata, Filani, Foula, Foulah, Foulani, Foulanis, Foulanke, Foulankunda, Foulbé, Foulbés, Fufulde, Ful, Fula, Fulah, Fulakunda, Fulani, Fulanis, Fulanke, Fulata, Fulbe, Fulbes, Fulfede, Fullah, Futa, Fuulbe, Hilani, Peuhl, Peul, Peuls Pandé, Poular, Pulaar, Pulli, Pullo, Pulo, Toroobe people[/b].

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