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Kill Brothers

Bartek Surała

Также известно как: KillBrothers
Группа в интернете: www.myspace.com/killbrothers

Дискография Kill Brothers:

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Privately Bartek Surała. He began his edventure with electronic music together with his friend between 2004 and 2005 From the very begining they have only been interested in fast, agressive and hard music. They appered on stage for the first time in one of Warsaw club in 2006 (Przestrzeń Graffenberga) Unfortunately, nothing so beautiful can last forever. Since the middle of 2008, Bartek has been left alone in the battlefield... During their two years together, they visited a lot of Polish cities, among them Cracov, Bytom, Radom ... They also played at one of the biggest Polish music festivals "Nature One" on Katowice. In 2008 a band called "Perpetrators" (Kill Brothers & Dariush Gee) was formed. Their purpose is to destroy your grey matter with hardtechno music which is both fast and full energy. They have been recording tracks with artist from around the world, namely: Frank Kvitta, Sven Wittekind, Hexor from Germany Flotek, Mario Kinle from Austria, Acid flux from Mexico, Tim Rivers from Belgium, Sizzle, Headbanger, Subsonic from Bulgaria Xhe from Spain, Progerssor from Chille and many more...

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