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Blondie Makhene

Gerald Makhene

Также известно как: Blonde Makhene, Blondie, G. Makhene

Дискография Blondie Makhene:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Communicate 6 audio iTunes 1984 Family (5)
2 Overtime 4 audio iTunes 1985 Family (5)
3 Spreading Love 6 audio iTunes 1987 Hit City (2)
4 Overtime 3 audio iTunes Not On Label
5 Communicate / Tonight Tonight 2 audio iTunes 1984 Family (5)

Blondie who was born Keoagile Gerald Makhene on 16 september 1955,released "Communicate (Family,1984)", an album he co-produced with Mally Watson at CCP Records.Pappa released a soulful ballad,"Still In Love With You",which became a big hit.Blondie Followed up with "Overtime 1985",a co-production with Mally Watson.Pappa released the album "Satisfy You! (1987)",which also featured "Save The Children (Do It Now)", a powerful message to parents about their role in the upbringing of their children.He co-produced the album with Thapelo Khomo on the Teal Records label.In the same year,Blondie also released another album "Spreading Love",which boasted a solid ballad,"Baby I'm Missing You",dedicated to his wife,Agnes.

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