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Nicolas Dales

Nicolas Dales

Дискография Nicolas Dales:

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Music gives a Spirit to the universe, Wings to the mind, Flight to the imagination, and Life to everything. Nicolas Dalés is a pioneer in the field of dance music technology as he was one of the first dj's in the world to mix live using a computer. Still does... It's been 15 years since Nicolas Dalés moved from Belgium to Greece, where he made a huge career djing in all top clubs of the country creating a legend around his name! After spending 2,5 years in his studio in Cyclades, he is back in Belgium, focusing on his productions, working on a new digital OpticoAcoustic experience for his gigs, as well as experimenting with the Sound creating new forms of EDM. He is introducing the "Mediterranean" techno sound, a blend of various electronic elements such as Deep tech, Tech House, Minimal, Deep Prog, Deep House, Tribal and more... A sound inspired by the Greek islands, the Aegean and by Athens very hot nightlife! In numbers: ✈ 25 years on decks ✈ 20.000+ hours djing ✈ 100+ gigs in a year ✈ 10+ years SoniCreationS ✈ 1.000.000+ sold tickets Stay tuned for a gig close to you! Bio: Nicolas Dalés is born in Belgium . His mother record collector and music fanatic, transferred him the love for the music, his father, a computer genius (since computers occupied whole apartments), transferred him the passion for the technology . Nicolas was always surrounded by vinyl records, tapes, floppy disks, perforated cards and various technological and musical instruments . He bought his first record in 1978 a Casio VL-1 in 1980 and in 1981 he was the proud owner of probably the first home computer ever arrived in Greece, a Spectrum ZX81. Since then he started collecting music in all formats, messing around with primitive electronic sounds as new computers and technologies kept arriving home. He also started kind of djing at school and friend parties till he got his first pro job at the age of 15. Everything started here.... His love for electronic music started early with Depeche Mode,Kraftwerk, Frond 242, Vangelis, Jean Michel Jarre, but got into the next level in 1988 while he was in Belgium and felt (thank god!) the new beat, a sound called Acid House. He then started collecting records only from the electronic scene and very fast he was djing in underground and parties in Belgium, Holland and Germany under the name DjD or Nniko. During summertime he was spinning in the Greek islands (for the following 10 years, great years...). He returned permanently in Greece back in 1996 studied and graduated from a sound technology institute and kept on djing in various clubs all over Greece (listed at the bottom). Technology meets music. As music and technology were for him the main reasons to live, he always tried to combine them in his life and work. The result of this was a software called Digital Sl1200 Mk-II in 1998 which permitted him to dj with a computer, making him one of the first dj's in the world to use this technology, which soon would be called ''Digital djing''. It was a great chance for him to be able to re-edit the best underground tracks and play them at the clubs directly from his Pc. This made him resident of the famous bar Z-00 presenting his FCDS (Full Computerized Digital Set or simpler Fuck CD's). Final Scratch.... In 2003, because of his technological knowledge, his digital mixing, and his dj capabilities, he was nominated by Stanton as the Official Greek Stanton Final Scratch Dj presenting for the first time in Greece the Final Scratch, the latest technological equipment of the dj world. His contribution to the scene is huge, not only for promoting digital djing all around Greece, but also by helping numerous other dj's entering the digital djing world. Radio, record shop, magazines, events... Another big love of Nicolas is the radio. This happened when he was invited for a dj set in a show of a legendary radio in Athens called Life Fm. Few years after he started presenting some very successful radio shows at Radio 1, Free Fm, Cool Fm, Free Radio. During 1998-1999 he worked at Storm record shop while writing music articles at Lemon magazine. A year later he became Chief editor of a new underground dance magazine Fast Forward while he cooperated and did the management of the legendary team Qbase. In 1998 he created SoniCreationS and started organizing events and bookings for various clubs while running his own Deep Electronique Atmosphere and DownTownUnderGround nights till now. Producing: Nicolas Dales was always focused on djing and technology. This made him achieve the top position as an electronic dj in his country. This is represented by the following numbers: 25 years of djing 20.000+ hours on the dexx 1.000.000+ sold tickets 113 gigs in a year After an all time record of 113 events in one year, he decided to press a pause as a dj, moved to the Cyclades for 2.5 years and experimented in his studio with the sound... ''I always wanted to have new goals, to move higher... I played my edits, now I want to play my tracks''. And the production began! Started with a release at Underground lessons records and more will follow.. National Performances: Athens: + Soda, 7 Heaven, Action, Almodobar, Ammos Beach, Art House, Astron, Backroom, Barouge, Berlin, Big Love, Blaze T, BoomBox, Buzz, Club 22, Danza,Dom, Dancefloor (Porto-Rafti), Dekko, Eau De Vie, E-fos Festival, Follie, Floral, Gaze at, Glaros Beach bar, Goya, Imperia Ice Club, Joy Art Bar, King-Size, Lava Bore, Loud Mansion, Loop, Luv, Mad, Mamacas, Memphis, Mescal, Mirroir le Bar, Mooi, Moloco, Momys, Motown, Meli, Mylos, One Happy Cloud, Open, Playroom, Playback, Prego, Querido Cou Cou, Samaca (Alepohori), Soul (Stereo), Sofita (Lobby), Spoiled, Stavlos, Studio 54, Swing, The Hive, U-matic, Vanilla, You, Ypersintelikos, Wunderbar, Wild rose, Yoga Bala, Zoo more.. Greece General: Thessaloniki, Patra, Mykonos, Corfu, Santorini, Creta, Kos, Rodos, Syros, Volos, Naxos, Ikaria, Veria, Paxoi, N. Anghialos, Evia, Korinthos, Lavrio, Livadia. Rio and more... International Performances: Belgium, Holland, Germany, U.K., Romania, Albania. 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