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Antonio Tusa

Antonio Tusa

Дискография Antonio Tusa:

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Antonia Tusa (1900–1982) Cellist and Composer. He had Cellopractice since he was 12. First he studied by a russian Coffeehouse Musician later around 1914 by [a=Joachim Stutschewsky] During the years took part with his brothers in the 1914 from his Father founded "Tusa-Orchester". Around 1918 he visted as student of Fritz Reitz the Konservatorium Zürich. Composingpractice was teached him by Lothar Kemter, later he had Privatepractice by the Cellists Hugo Becker and [a=Emanuel Feuermann]. In May 1927 he became a Solocellist of the [a=Stadtorchester Winterthur]. 1938 to 1967 he was a member of the [a=Orchester Der Festspiele Luzern].

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