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Sean Whelan

Seán Whelan

Также известно как: John Whelan, Sean
Группа в интернете: http://www.seanwhelan.net/

Дискография Sean Whelan:

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Seán Whelan is a guitarist and producer working in the Celtic and World music arena who started learning guitar from the age of 9 and is now much in demand as both a studio and live musician. He has played guitar through a cross-section of styles from Celtic Music/ Jazz /Gypsy Swing/Classical/World music and has established himself as a forerunner in Acoustic music by the passion, creativity and versatility of his playing. In 1991 Seán moved away from the city environs into the rural peacefulness of Irelands West Cork where he began to compose his own music, (while also keeping a small farm!). The inspiration provided by the scenic beauty of this area is reflected in his compositions on his debut album “End of Autumn” In 2008 he also worked as musical director for Japanese singer/composer KOKIA for the release of her “Fairydance- KOKIA meets Ireland”album on the Victor/Anco label in Asia..In September of that year he performed sell-out shows with her and the members of Puck Fair in the prestigious Sweet Basil Club in Tokyo. A former member of Irish Jazz group Hotfoot and having recorded on their debut album, Seán went on to tour with blues singer Mary Coughlan and also with Irish fiddle talent Máire Breatnach. He has recorded on two albums by Scottish singer Lorraine Jordan and has also featured on songwriter Sonny Condell’s acclaimed album "Someone to Dance with” and in 2006 recorded “The Kilworth Concert” with the Cafe Orchestra..through his playing with ace Flautist Brian Dunning he has performed on “A Windham Hill Christmas 2”and Puck Fair “Forgotten Carnival”in 2008. Seán has toured extensively with various artists including KOKIA,PUCK FAIR,CAFE ORCHESTRA , Seán Keane and Kieran Halpin,Harpist Junshi Murakami, Violinists Lars Kristensen and Anker Buch in Scandinavia, Germany, Italy, Spain, Eastern Europe, North America and Japan.His involvement with the Celtic Guitar Celebration was a unique opportunity to play with the cream of Irish Guitarists including Arty McGlynn and Steve Cooney. His musical influences include:Joni Mitchell,Pat Metheny,John McLaughlin,Django,Martin Taylor,Steve Howe,Ella Fitzgerald,Sarah Vaughan,Clive Carroll,Darol Anger,Mike Marshall,Tony Rice,Jean-Michel Veillon,Bireli Lagrene,Arty McGlynn,Paco de Lucia,Pierre Bensusan,James Taylor,Al Stewart,Paul Simon,Weather Report,Brian Dunning.

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