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Gopika Dahanukar

Группа в интернете: http://www.gopika.com/

Дискография Gopika:

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Born in 1972 in Bombay, India, she's the daughter of the well-known artist and patron of the arts Prafulla Dahanukar. She grew up in a culturally rich environment mingling with many of India's great artists and musicians. Artist and singer, she progressively discovered a spiritual dimension within that was inspired by the Yoga of Sri Aurobindo. She also found her place in the ideal of Auroville. She studied Sanskrit mantras in their original ancient form at the Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram in Chennai for four years eventually becoming a teacher in Pondicherry and Auroville. Her voice carries a refined and soulful quality that reflects her seeking spirit. [a1165531], Gopika and her tabla player son [a3908577] presently live in Portland, Oregon where Gopika is currently pursuing a Masters in Craft & Design at the Pacific Northwest College of Art. They perform concerts and offer workshops in Vedic chanting and continue their journey exploring life and creating new music.

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