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Starkey (2)

Nico van de Poel, Sjaak Sterk

Члены группы Starkey (2): Nico van de Poel, Sjaak Sterk

Дискография Starkey (2):

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Space In Art 13 audio iTunes 1996-12-14 Starkey Productions

Dutch EM duo from Limburg (NL). On 14 October 1995 at Schrieversheide Public Observatory was opened the exhibition "Art in Space". This exhibition showed oil paintings of Dutch space-art painter Sjaak Strek (from Eygelshoven). On the occasion of the opening Sjaak Strek gave a live performance of 'cosmic music' with musical colleague Nico van de Poel (from Landgraaf) .. Sjaak Sterk has always been inspired by the universe, both in his painting and in his music. Of which live performance is a recording made ​​which appeared as the first CD of this Limburg duo. Sjaak Strong and Nico van de Poel will now be known as 'Starkey' and the CD was given the title "Space Art". The cover of the CD is adorned with pictures of the special action of October 1995 and by photographs of paintings by Sjaak Strek. Both men say that there is a trade: the music is inspired by the paintings and the paintings are inspired by the music. And the wonder of the universe, the cosmos, runs like a thread through it. The data release of this unique CD on December 14, 1996, from that day the CD is on sale in the museum shop of the Observatory. Also, they regularly show the video clips with multimedia show with music of the first three songs from the CD...

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