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Obuoba J.A. Adofo

Jackson Alfred Adofo

Также известно как: Alfred Adofo, Chairman Muo, J.A. Adofo, Jackson Alfred Adofo, Obuɔba J.A. Adofo, Ɔbuɔba J.A. Adofo, Ɔbuɔba J.A. Adofo (Black Chineese Leader)

Дискография Obuoba J.A. Adofo:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Ankwanobi 3 audio iTunes 1982 Diram

Obuoba J. A. Adofo a.k.a. The Black Chinese a.k.a. Chairman Muo, is the Leader of the City Boys Band of Ghana. A sterling performer and entertainer with many years experience and a news maker wherever he goes. Highly remembered and adored for his love songs, Adofo and his Ghana's City Boys band are news headliners whenever they perform in Ghana. Nephew of Nana Ampadu (African Brothers Band) and humbly began as a lotto receiver in Accra (Mamprobi) has risen to stardom unsurpassed in Ghana's music history. Almost every mature Ghanaian knows or have heard of Adofo's music. A live dance or concert party performance without playing the ever popular "Ankwanobi" is a receipt for courting disaster at any City Boys band's program.

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