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Justin Curfman

Группа в интернете: http://www.justincurfman.com/, http://justincurfman.blogspot.de/

Дискография Justin Curfman:

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Justin Curfman was born in Atlanta, Georgia (USA). He has since published five books; "Catalog of Absurdity" (2003) "Expiration Date: A Graphic Novel" (2005), "Fragments from Tephra" (2011), "TICKS: The Illustrated Storybook", "Wrecker: A Novel" (2012) and has had several works published in many avant-garde and speculative fiction journals. He has also directed and released three international award-winning stop-motion / puppet animation films; "Zugskin" (2003), "Tephrasect" (2004) and "Platelets: Lepidopteraphagiator" (2005). In 2006, Curfman founded the musical group, Feeding Fingers, within which he has released four critically-acclaimed full-length albums; "Wound in Wall" (2007), "Baby Teeth" (2009), "Anything but Water" (2010) and "Detach Me From My Head" (2010). He has toured and performed extensively throughout the USA and Europe - including two appearances on National Public Radio (NPR). Curfman currently resides in Germany and works internationally.

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