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DJ Flout

Группа в интернете: http://www.myspace.com/djflout1

Дискография DJ Flout:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Headbangerz 3 audio iTunes 2008-12-18 Quantum Flux

One of the best exponents of Hard Techno & Industrial in Mexico and member of the second generation of this sound in his country. He is also an important part in the long work of expanding this sound throughout his land. His style is very aggressive and full of energy, a characteristic in the mexican Hard Techno style. Considered by Acid Flux as “a master in the art of MIX” and being him a direct fan of his style as a producer and as a DJ. As a producer, he earned the respect of others musicians and the crowds. It was due to his success, that his partner and great friend Acid Flux, proposes him to produce some tracks together, because Acid Flux expresses all his respect and admiration for his work. They have produced together many tracks which have become a bomb and some are even used by artists like DJ Rush. The success of his tracks let him be remixed by artist like: Acid Flux, Yhunykx, Hexor, Kill Brothers, etc. ”I really make all this because I like it. I love musc and this is why I try to do my very best always focused towards the other side of the decks (the crowds). Side in which I have been and I always deman an excellent session. Fame and all that shit doesn’t matter to me. I just want you to listen to my work”

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