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Art Wood (2)

Arthur Wood

Также известно как: A. Wood, Arthur Wood, Wood

Дискография Art Wood (2):

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[b]Born:[/b] 6th June 1937, West Drayton, Middlesex, UK. [b]Died:[/b] 3rd November 2006, Teddington, UK. [b]Wood[/b] was the eldest of three brothers, musicians Ted Wood [[i]New Temperance 7, Bob Kerr's Whoopee Band [/i]etc] and [a=Ron Wood]. He attended Ealing School of Art during the 1950s and became a graphic artist. He began working with [a=Alexis Korner]'s [a=Blues Incorporated] and also worked with his own band [i]The Art Wood Combo[/i]. The band finally made a dent in the charts after [b]Wood[/b] was joined by [a=Jon Lord] and [a=Derek Griffiths] from [i]Red Bludd's Bluesicians[/i] and [a=Keef Hartley] from [a=Rory Storm & The Hurricanes]. The band reformed as [url=http://www.discogs.com/artist/Artwoods%2C+The]The Artwoods[/url] and released the single "Sweet Mary". This line-up also had a residency at Oxford Street's [i]100 Club[/i]. The band's album "Art Gallery" (Nov 1966) is a seminal release in the blues-fusion movement that was happening at that time. [b]Art Wood[/b] was one of the many important catalysts who helped to shape the future of electric blues. Apart from appearing in a [a=Downliners Sect] line-up, he also worked on recording projects with his brothers in later years. [b]Wood[/b] was twice married, with one son. He died of prostate cancer, aged 69.

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