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Jimmy Michaels

Дискография Jimmy Michaels:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Postcards From Hell 11 audio iTunes 2009-01-22 JMP Music
2 The Honeymoon Song 2 audio iTunes 2008 JMP Music
3 More Things Change 14 audio iTunes 2013-05-07 JMP Music
4 Production Line 11 audio iTunes 2012-04-17 JMP Music
5 Yesterday Today 20 audio iTunes 2012-12-10 JMP Music
6 Brink Of Bold 6 audio iTunes 2013-05-06 JMP Music
7 Postcards From Hell (Re-Release) 11 audio iTunes 2013 JMP Music
8 Jimmy Michaels' I Did It My Way : Highlights Of My 20 Year Musical Journey 1994 - 2014 25 audio iTunes 2014-01-20 JMP Music

Jimmy Michaels (Born February 24, 1970) is a music producer, songwriter, audio engineer and owner of the independent label JMP Music. Born and raised in the Philadelphia area and having produced music in many genres including Rock, Metal, Experimental, Lounge, Easy Listening, and Nu-Disco, he was active on the independent music scene in sporadic intervals from the very early 1990's until late 2013. In a 2010 radio interview, Jimmy had stated that some of his musical influences were wide ranged and included Freddie Mercury, Phil Collins, Patrick Cowley, David Bowie, Golden Earring, Duran Duran and Pink Floyd. Over the years, Jimmy would always be taking on various roles from producer, mixdown engineer to even session musician [playing drums, percussion or keyboards], and on a lot of occasions, going under aliases for assorted projects or tasks. 2 confirmed aliases of his many are Guy Rover and Mike Jameson. Some of the groups and artists Jimmy has worked with during his time are Waco, Type C, Blood Wind, Gothic Night, Tony Powers, D.C. LaRue, Ray Martinez, Peter Lemongello, Gerhard Heinz and many others. Jimmy had officially retried from the industry as a music producer in late 2013 following the writing and producing of a single for Austrian Jazz vocalist Ines Reiger. His plans moving fourth were to run his label JMP Music on a part time basis doing distribution, engineering and compilation projects for other artists. Though, he decided to step out one last time before these plans went into full effect to record a final album titled "JM 3", which was released September 30, 2014. The album was done in response to the Indie success of what was originally planned to be his final work as an artist, the song and single "Brink Of Bold".

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