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Mark Fraze

Группа в интернете: http://www.stumpsdayton.com/Mark.Fraze.htm

Дискография Mark Fraze:

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Audio Engineer, bass player Born in Dayton Ohio, Mark Fraze's first foray into the music world began with a violin at age 9. Following violin Mark studied the piano and by 13 was also playing bass guitar. It was this instrument that would launch the real beginning of his musical career. In 1963 Fraze and friends formed his first band "The Explicits" which in 1965 this group became "The Stumps". Eventually, Fraze moved to Atlanta, Georgia where he joined "Roadapple", an edgy rock band that toured the south for 4 years. Once again ready for something new, in 1976, Mark moved to Arizona and formed a country swing band, "Loose Boots". Wanting to return to the recording studio, Mark built his first recording studio in Dayton, Ohio. The band briefly relocated there to record their self-titled album, "Loose Boots". While Mark was developing his musical career in AZ, his brother Terry was producing various video productions in California. Once again Mark relocated, this time to Los Angeles, where he and his brother corroborated on a new project, the western movie, "Shame, Shame on the Bixby Boys". Terry was executive producer and Mark was musical director for the soundtrack Back to AZ and always looking for a new interest in the music business, Mark became the audio engineer at KUAT AM/FM/TV in Tucson and opened a record store, "Doc Holiday's". The name Doc Holidays was inspired by his old friend and mentor who he lost in an untimely automobile accident. Mark returned to his musical roots in Dayton in 1979 to pursue his next project. Hoping to provide his hometown with a state of the art recording facility for local artists he built his latest studio, Refraze Recording Studio. This exciting challenge provided new and diverse opportunities. The studio recorded Billboard hits throughout the 80’s. Fraze later teamed up with Tatone Productions and were recognized by the city of Dayton for their Hometown Christmas projects that raised money to benefit the Miami Valley food bank. Throughout this period, Mark continued to perform locally with additional musician friends and called their group "Cling." After nearly 10 years in Dayton, Fraze missed the weather and the “cowboy” lifestyle of AZ and returned with his wife and 3 children. Mark continues to play special events with fellow musicians. His latest interest will seem to bring him full circle and back home, when the original Stumps reunite to perform at the Fraze Pavilion, an outdoor amphitheater in Dayton, Ohio. Mark and his wife reside in AZ but frequent Dayton to visit family and friends and to continue keeping in touch with his old musical roots.

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