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Dale Travous

Dale Travous

Также известно как: Suov, Suov Art Elad, Suov Arte Lad, Travous

Дискография Dale Travous:

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Painter, sculptor and builder of large electric Tesla devices in Seattle who sent lightning bolts above the heads of most Seattle artists at C.O.C.A. Involved with the Fremont Arts Foundry, local Seattle artists, scientists, and musicians, and international artists, Dale's wide ranging open collaborations continue to have effects. His gadgets have been shown in the periphery of art gallerys, music shows, and on television. Audio recordings of his devices have been made by [a=Yeast Culture] and [a=Scarea 61] and other electromagnetic experiments with [a=Hafler Trio, The] were also initiated. His numerous gadgets and works have been documented by photographer [a=Arthur S. Aubry].

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