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James Antony Thomson Lochiel

James Anthony Thomson Lochiel AKA 'TONY'.

Также известно как: Tony

Дискография James Antony Thomson Lochiel:

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James Antony Thomson Lochiel, known as Tony, from Trowbridge, died after a long battle with cancer on March 24 at the age of 43. Mr Lochiel was a talented musician who had played in many punk rock bands and even toured the US as part of The Exploited in 1986 with their album Death Before Dishonour. Originally from Edinburgh, he moved to Wiltshire in the late 1980s, first to Melksham and then to Trowbridge. He mainly concentrated on his music playing in many different local punk rock bands, including Stress. He was diagnosed with bowel cancer in the mid 1990s but managed to beat the disease, only to find he was suffering from lung cancer a few years later. He leaves a daughter, Ramona, 21, and a son, Cameron, 11.

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