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A Flower Kollapsed

line up: Riccardo Mazza-guitar,Carlo Fellet-voice,Andrea De Longhi-bass,Matteo Mazza-drum

Члены группы A Flower Kollapsed: Riccardo Mazza
Группа в интернете: fullgrown@libero.it, http://aflowerkollapsed.org (under construction), http://aflowerkollapsed.bandcamp.com/, http://it-it.facebook.com/pages/A-Flower-Kollapsed/158825767494133

Дискография A Flower Kollapsed:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Orsago 10 audio iTunes 2006
2 Brown Recluse 7 audio iTunes 2008-09-10
3 Fino Ad Ora 15 audio iTunes 2006-12-00 Bloodspit Records
4 Split 4 audio iTunes 2004 Not On Label
5 A Flower Kollapsed / Afraid! 4 audio iTunes 2005 Not On Label (A Flower Kollapsed Self-released)
6 Brown Recluse 7 audio iTunes 2008 Not On Label (A Flower Kollapsed Self-released)
7 Orsago 10 audio iTunes 2006
8 A Flower Kollapsed 20 audio iTunes 2012-03-00 Macina Dischi
9 A Flower Kollapsed 9 audio iTunes 2012

AFK is a italian quartet formed during the summer 2004 in Orsago (Treviso).The band made a name in the italian underground punk scene due to his agressive,short live shows which are characterized by a extremly careful and powerfull sound.After some gigs in Italy,the band record a demo 7"split (self release) with a friend band called Esicastic and a 3"split (on Holidays Records and Error Records) with Afraid! wich gave to the band the opportunity to become known outside italy. After the first tour in France (2005) the band begin to play in almost all european country and put out two albums. "Orsago" LP (2006) and "Brown Recluse" EP (2008) both released by the current three best italian DIY labels on punk background: Holidays Records,SonsOfVesta and Shove Records. In the 2006 the Cdr discography "Fino ad ora" is released by russian Bloodspit Records.The band continue to perform in different European countries like Slovenia,Czech Republic,Austria,France,Hungary,Germany,Holland,Belgium...and during Spring 2009 a new 7"split with The Falus Boys has been released for the french label Ocinates Industries. A new 7”split with Parrhesia, Chicago's punk-hardcore band, will be out in 2012 always on Shove Records. AFK's sound has always been powerful, fast and complex. It's a blend of punk,math-metal,hardcore,noise and progressive rock.Since a while, AFK is trying to develop a constant flux on its works,in order to apply impact and aggressiveness to the shape of song and this attitude can be fully appreciate in their third album released in 2012 by Macina Dischi (Aluminium series) and a reduce version by Shove Records. During the past years they’ve share the stage with bands like An Albatross,Ampere,Challenger,Zu,Mumakil,Concrete,Afraid!,La Quiete,Raein,OvO,Lucertulas,Psychofagist,Altro,Neil On Impression,Daitro,Slowmotion Apocalypse, Kelvin,Red Worm’s Farm,Mojomatics,Squadra Omega,Hell Demonio,Carlos Casas & Z’EV,Bologna Violenta,Claudio Rocchetti,G.I.Joe and many other...

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