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Audie Pitre

Audie Thomas Pitre

Дискография Audie Pitre:

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Audie Pitre (October 5, 1970 – January 23, 1997) was an accomplished bass guitarist. He also added back-up vocals in Acid Bath (1991-1997) and formed another band known as SHRUM (1995). Audie formed SHRUM with the idea to have two bass players, Audie and Joseph J. Fontenot, to create a uniquely heavy, low-end bass sound with Tomas Viator on electronic drums and Scott Leger on vocals. SHRUM's only CD to date is "Red Devils & Purple Ringers". In January 1997, Audie Pitre and his parents, Nora and Kermit, were killed when they were hit head-on by a drunk driver. His brother, Kelly Pitre, was also in the car and survived the crash. The driver was convicted of three counts of vehicular homicide. Audie is survived by his son, Audie Layne.

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