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Группа в интернете: http://6ryl-sessions.over-blog.com/article-26845552.html, http://soundcloud.com/6-ryl, http://www.mixcloud.com/6Ryl/

Дискография 6-Ryl:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Session 001 23 audio iTunes 2009-01-06 6-Ryl Sessions
2 Session 002 19 audio iTunes 2009-01-13 6-Ryl Sessions
3 Session 003 20 audio iTunes 2009-01-20 6-Ryl Sessions
4 Session 004 21 audio iTunes 2009-01-27 6-Ryl Sessions
5 Session 006 20 audio iTunes 2009-02-11 6-Ryl Sessions
6 Session 023 26 audio iTunes 2009-06-10 6-Ryl Sessions
7 Session 029 23 audio iTunes 2009-07-22 6-Ryl Sessions
8 Session 035 28 audio iTunes 2009-09-02 6-Ryl Sessions

Being rocked by music to sleep since he was a child, 6-Ryl became a fan of "synthetic" musics and grew up with them.  He has been influenced by various music styles, from Disco, New Wave, New Beat to Alternative Rock, and off course by all electronics music pioneers. At the age of 16 he spent his weekends in clubs and bars in a northern French town called Lille and in Belgium, listening and dancing on « Techno » sounds. In 2000, he decides to move behind the decks and spends the next 2 years on a Lille local radio station that specialized in electronics musics: Galaxie ( www.galaxiefm.com/)  He also starts to play in bars and parties in Lille and Paris (He was resident at Tropic Café & Mixer Bar). In 2009, he stops mixing and decides to create 6-Ryl Sessions, a blog combined with a podcast who's purpose is to feature all stars performances as well as unknown DJs sets to help their promotion. Every week, a new set made by different artists is added to the site. Some of the following international DJs already made sessions, like: Umek, Technasia, Chris Lake, Oliver Huntemann …   6-Ryl's next goal is now to come back playing in front of a public...

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