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Cesare Ferioli

Cesare Ferioli

Также известно как: Cesare, Chesy Ferioli
Группа в интернете: http://soundcloud.com/bigmojo, http://www.youtube.com/cesare67, http://www.irmagroup.com/big-mojo/

Дискография Cesare Ferioli:

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Cesare Ferioli aka Big Mojo, born in Bologna on 1967, made his debut appearance in 1982 playing drums with the then very young bolognese punk band Uxidi D.C. and Urban Fight, then he plays with the new wave/post punk band Tribal Noise during the first half of the eighties, and the rock'n'roll band Jack Daniel's Lovers during the late 80's. This led up to the album "Stay Out Of Jail" by J.D.L. (1988 - Lakota Records / Ricordi Italy), produced by Los Lobo's Steve Berlin, which took them on an extensive tour to perform on stages all over the country. From 1990 to 1996 he drummed with the rock/blues band Dirty Hands, issuing three records with them ("Dirty Hands" - 1992 S.D.R.Rec.; "XXX Hot Chilli" - 1993 Boots Rec.; "Four Cool Cats" - 1995 Boots Rec.) and playing on the European blues circuit and the southern and western American ones (New Orleans, Austin, San Antonio, Tuscon, Flagstaff, Los Angeles etc...). He has worked with many blues artists both in Italy and overseas (Andy J Forest Italian / American tour '92; Paul Orta and the King Pins American tour '93, J Monque'D Italian Tours '94/'95, Mark Hummel Italian Tour '95) with genres that range from surf music (X - Raymen '95/'97) to garage/punk (Sciacalli '98)...but never forgot blues. During the 2002 he becomes Big Mojo to produce its own music and create a fusion between electronica and roots like blues and funk, and he does his dj sets on few italian clubs and european open air festivals. March 2008 is the release date of his first album titled Ready Made, published by the prestigious Italian label Irma Records, which received positive reviews on several magazines both in print and the web. Many his appearances in prestigious cd and digital compilations of worldwide distribution including latest one “Future Blues Club Night” for the prestigious german label Clubstar/Lola's World on the side of artists such Saint Germain, Boozoo Bajou, Miguel Migs and others. He also produce and make music with different projects like: Jass (D:vision), Spacebeats (Soulshine Recordings, Irma Records), Wasabi Devotion (Hypotron Records), Supersonix (Irma Records) and under his name Cesare Ferioli (Soundiva).

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