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Christos Tsilivigkos

Christos Tsilivigkos

Также известно как: Chris Tsilivigkos, Chris Tsilivigos, Christos Tsilivigos
Группа в интернете: www.facebook.com/c.h.a.o.s

Дискография Christos Tsilivigkos:

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Started composing electronic music at 2005.Influenced by melodic uplifting (nitzonot) artists.Used to be member of betachronic records (internet label).Created Apocalypsis records at 2009 with rainman (Dimitris Kroustalis) released several of own tracks as c.h.a.o.s (chaos is wrong submitted by others in compilations or youtube videos).Also released a lot of own tracks on personal lp's (7 on number totally 65 tracks) between 2006-2009.Made also a recent release on album" fos you iliou" by digital dreams records by the name project 2024 coop with rainman.Total work of 140 uplifting melodic tracks from period 2005-2010.Many thanks to John Spanos current member of Radical distortion for introducing me to electronic music back at 2004.

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