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Norman Barratt

Также известно как: Barrett, N. Barratt, Norman Barratt Band, Norman Barrett

Дискография Norman Barratt:

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British guitarist and songwriter, born 1949, Newton-le-Willows, Lancashire, England. Norman Barratt, who died on 31 July 2011, guitarist, singer and frontman, Norman was a regular performer at Greenbelt in the 70s and 80s, and a hugely popular figure at the festival. Norman came to prominence in the progressive rock band Gravy Train, who recorded four studio albums during the early 70s. Subsequently, his emotive, soulful guitar-playing skills were in high demand as a session player, sideman and band member. He joined the Alwyn Wall Band in 1976, recording the classic The Prize, before going on to front the Barratt Band, who produced two studio releases, Playing in the City and The Voice. He then toured and recorded with innumerable acts, including Jessy Dixon, Sheila Walsh, Phil Keaggy, Steve Taylor, Cliff Richard and Barry McGuire. After becoming disillusioned with the Christian music industry, he went on to concentrate on session work, local church activity and recording in his own studio. Norman will be remembered as a sweet, kind and humble man, and as an incendiary guitarist.

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