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ATP (4)

David Shearer

Группа в интернете: http://www.soundcloud.com/deejayatp, http://www.myspace.com/djatp, http://www.energycurrency.info

Дискография ATP (4):

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Montego Funk 2 audio iTunes 2008-11-17 Golden Orb Records
2 Dreaming / Sco 2 audio iTunes 2008-06-02 Liquid Brilliants Records
3 Light It Up / Old Timer 2 audio iTunes 2009-08-03 Fokuz Recordings
4 Go Down / Two Thousand And Two Nights 2 audio iTunes 2010-03-01 Bassdrive Tunes
5 Shibuya Nights 2 audio iTunes 2010-03-01 Bassdrive Tunes
6 Way Back When / Mr. JC 2 audio iTunes 2010-11-08 Rubik Digital
7 Secret Self 2 audio iTunes 2010-07-15 Textures Music Group
8 Lonely / Pure Junk 2 audio iTunes 2011-06-27 Liquid Brilliants Records
9 This Love Goes Deep 2 audio iTunes 2008 Influenza Media
10 I Remember / Truggernanna 2 audio iTunes 2012-07-30 E-Motion
11 In Your Stride / I Saw The Sign 2 audio iTunes 2011-12-05 Vibration Records

A self confessed science nerd, ATP (Dave Shearer) takes his name from a molecule found in the human body called Adenosine Tri-Phosphate. However, it's the science of music that he would have you remember him for, especially his own brand of deeper jazz influenced drum'n'bass. ATP became hooked on drum'n'bass from a borrowed LTJ Bukem CD back in 97-98 and it has become his passion ever since. This love for the new form of music he found resulted in him easing up on his other musical interests including playing saxophone. Instead ATP sought to make his experience with drum'n'bass more through DJ'ing and eventually producing. After learning the basics of production from his cousin, ATP continues to hone his skills and gets sharper every day.

Комментарии о ATP (4):