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Dana Young

Группа в интернете: https://soundcloud.com/c-a-n-s, Array, https://www.facebook.com/pages/CANS-Central-Asian-Nervous-Systems/218636818211224

Дискография Dana Young:

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The music of CANS (Central Asian Nervous Systems) never steps. It kicks and it marches, tapping out a rhythm that delineates dance music all the way from Kraftwerk, to the streets of the Bronx, Detroit, Chicago and beyond. As a veteran of the indie scene, musician Dana Young has worked with the likes of Ariel Pink (he helped form Haunted Graffiti), John Maus, and Kevin Rutmanis (formerly of COWS and The Melvins) in his side project Hepa/Titus. As Testicular Manslaughter, he was the first signed to Disaro Records, although it is doubtful his beat deconstructions would have spawned Witch House. With Central Asian Nervous Systems (CANS,) Young continues where he left off with Testicular Manslaughter. Fractured house and hip hop find themselves coerced into a shotgun wedding with the ghosts of early British Industrial. This music is not so much a sum of Young’s past, but the culmination of his knowledge, with a span so broad, it is simply uncanny how organic the cold and harrowing sounds of CANS can be. By Dafydd McKaharay

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