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Valerio Zucca Paul

Valerio Zucca Paul

Дискография Valerio Zucca Paul:

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Active from 1988 (Nasty Nurses, Ludwig Élite, Neural Coital, Disoriente), since 1996 he is totally involved with electronic music with the project Abstract Q, developing experimental electronic sound and issuing three records: “Selected Frequencies For unrepressed Neural events” (Saalplaat\Open Circuit, 2000), “Stains And Scribbles” (Bake Records\Staalplaat, 2001), “Sonar” (Self-produced, 2003). At the beginning of 2003 he starts 3EEM. From 2005 he is also involved in the electronic duo ULNA: “Frcture” (Karlrecords, 2008), "Ligment" (Karlrecords, 2012). He is a founding member of the cultural association Musiche Possibili, active since 2002 in promoting avant-garde music.

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