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Grammostola Actaeon

Jhonny P.

Дискография Grammostola Actaeon:

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Grammostola Actaeon is an EBM project idealized by Jhonny P. It started its activities in 1999 as an simple joke, for fun, but after receiving positives critics the job become serious. In the same year it was released a demo tape called Oil Nostromo. After a period without releasing anything and suffering an equipment reformulation it was released the cd “The New Fields Of Terror”. With this work Grammostola Actaeon received more positive critics and could have been known in other countries, like Germany and Japan. In 2004 one more release: Sedna. This job is an EP with 5 songs, from those Aparelho Repressor was played in dance floor of São Paulo. Now Grammostola actaeon is releasing a new CD called "Retinoblastoma".

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