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George Vernon

Также известно как: Georg Vernon

Дискография George Vernon:

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Swedish trombonist and singer. Born 6 September 1915, died 17 April 1987. Born in England by Belgian parents. Vernon came to Sweden in 1930 to play with his older brothers Frank (violin) and Albert (saxophone and cello). Vernon toured the Sovjet Union with [a=Hanns Bingang Och Hans Orkester]. Played together with [a=Charles Redland], [a=Seymour Österwall] and [a=Arne Hülphers] before moving to [a=Thore Ehrlings Orkester] in 1940. He stayed in [a=Thore Ehrlings Orkester] until 1952. During the 1950ies he toured with his own orchestras before joining [a=Harry Arnold & His Swedish Radio Studio Orchestra]. At last the turned out to be an ombudsman for the Swedish Musicians' Union in Stockholm.

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