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Heaven Forbid

Branislav Stojanović, Nemanja Adamović, Stefan Petrović, Stefan Vasić, Nikola Vitković

Группа в интернете: http://www.myspace.com/heavenforbidkg

Дискография Heaven Forbid:

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Heaven Forbid was formed in Kragujevac, March 2005. At that time members of the band were Branislav Stojanović – vocals, Nemanja Adamović – guitar, Uroš Papeš – guitar, Nikola Živković – bass and Nikola Vitković – drums. In January 2006 the band recorded their first demo tape consisted of three songs striving for emo, emo/core, punk. After that first recording the band did a few gigs, but with Pavle Sovilj instead of Urož Papež. When Pavle came the music started to sound harder – more like metalcore. The second demo tape “The Flames Inside 2006”, where five songs in metalcore/screamo style were compiled, was recorded in July 2006. Afterwards, they began to receive more and more invitations. At the beginning of 2007 the guitar previously played by Pavle came into the hands of Vukašin Đerovski (Boneyard). Some time after, the band entered the studio again and recorded a single called “Besomar”. The old member Pavle Sovilj came in place of Nikola Živković, soon after. The current members of the band are: Branislav Stojanović – Vocals Nemanja Adamović – Guitar Stefan Petrović – Guitar Stefan Vasić – Bass and Vocals Nikola Vitković – Drums

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