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Cesare Plantulli

Также известно как: C. Plantulli

Дискография Cesare Plantulli:

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italian radio and club-dj, born in Torino 9 July, 1949. In the golden age of the disco music, one of the most acclaimed dj, working in the best clubs, mainly in Turin, as at the [i]Pick Up[/i], the trendy disco-club by [a=Ivo Lunardi] (pioneer-dj, record producer and [l=Voom Voom Music]' owner), but also in his region Piedmont, as at the mega-galactic [i]Sporting Club[/i] in Santhia (halfway between Ivrea and Vercelli). Wins the [i]Gold Pick Up[/i] as Best National DJ. He's also a record producer of a couple of important soul-funk 7inch in demand by collectors today.

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