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Mix N Blend

Также известно как: Mix'n'Blend
Члены группы Mix N Blend: Dank (6)
Группа в интернете: http://mixnblend.com, http://twitter.com/mixnblendyo

Дискография Mix N Blend:

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Capetonian group [b]Mix n Blend[/b] centers around the core of Jonathan Arnold and Kevin Ribbans who have been mixing and blending since 2001. When deejaying they mash up different musical styles -- but for their live sets, they lay down an hour of their own tracks off samplers with effects units, usually joined by various guest musicians. Ross Finck (aka [a1408246]) joined in 2008, culminating in the "Look Mom No Hands" debut album in November 2009. Ben Lewis has since taken the place of Ross.

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