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Johnny Moynihan

John Moynihan

Также известно как: J. Moynihan, John Moynihan, Moynihan

Дискография Johnny Moynihan:

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John "Johnny" Moynihan (born October 29,1946 in Phibsboro, Dublin), is a folk singer based in Dublin, Ireland. A gifted musician, he is often credited as being responsible for introducing the bouzouki and the Irish bouzouki into Irish music in the mid 1960s. As a young man he played in the band "Sweeney's Men" with Andy Irvine, Terry Woods and (Galway) Joe Dolan. Sweeney's Men broke the mould of Irish music and are credited with starting the folk revival there in the late 1960s. The group made two albums, Sweeney's Men and The Tracks of Sweeney. The latter was without Irvine, who had taken himself off to the Balkans, an area that made a lasting impact on his subsequent music. In the 1970s Moynihan briefly joined "Planxty" for their album "Cold Blow and the Rainy Night". After "Planxty", Moynihan went his own way and for a period of time fronted "The Fleadh Cowboys", a popular band in 1980s Dublin. He also flirted briefly with "De Danann" and can be heard on their second album, "Selected Jigs, Reels & Songs".

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