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Fun People

Дискография Fun People:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Anesthesia 28 audio iTunes 1999 W.C. Records
2 The Never Ending Story A Third World Band 33 audio iTunes
3 Angustia No No 13 audio iTunes 2010 Depraved & Devilish
4 Desarme! 4 audio iTunes Ugly Records (2)
5 The Portrait Of Sudamerican Sun Rockers 25 audio iTunes 2000
6 Reel Around The Fountain 2 audio iTunes Saege Records
7 Angustia No No 14 audio iTunes 2000 Ugly Records (2)
8 Fun People / She Devils 4 audio iTunes 2000 Ugly Records (2)
9 Fun People 35 audio iTunes 1999 Riot Tapes (2)
10 Angustia No No 13 audio iTunes 2000 Gas Records (11)
11 Anesthesia 27 audio iTunes 1995 Ugly Records (2)
12 Anesthesia 28 audio iTunes 1994 Frost Bite
13 Toda Niño Sensible Sabrá De Que Estamos Hablando 14 audio iTunes 2013 Ugly Records (2)
14 Angustia No No 15 audio iTunes 2000 Ugly Records (2)
15 Kum Kum 22 audio iTunes 2012-11-00 De La Fae Records
16 Desarme! 5 audio iTunes 1996 Frost Bite
17 Grandes Sonrisas 1995/1998 23 audio iTunes 1999 Mundano Records
18 Desarme! 5 audio iTunes 2013
19 Angustia, No, No 16 audio iTunes 2001 Slide Chorus
20 The Art(e) Of Romance 22 audio iTunes Fragment

Anesthesia was the name of the band at its inception in hardcore Bell, back in 1990. Although he had been chosen in homage to the topic of Metallica, “Anesthesia Pulling Teeth,” had to change the name to Fun People, by legal problems. After five years of presentations at both pubs as Capital of Greater Buenos Aires, edited the debut album and also a videohome ( “When the sun drops”) with 18 subjects, all of them recorded live at the theater Arlequin. “Bad Influence” was widely disseminated by the American channel MTV. In addition, this videohome includes an interview with the band and images from backstage. Participated in The New Rock Argentino cycle. In 1997 brought a new job, “Every child will know how sensitive we are speaking”, presented in the format of a vinyl disc. “The Fun People Experience” is an EP of 5 new songs and a cover of the theme “Trash”, one of the pioneers of Punk bands, the New York Dolls. In late 2000, Gori announced his retirement from the band, to form Fantasmagoria. In mid-2001, Nekro presented his new project, Boom Boom Kid, but announced that Fun People had not ended.

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