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Rhythm & Blues Inc.

Дискография Rhythm & Blues Inc.:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Louie, Louie / Honey Don't 2 audio iTunes 1965-01-00 Fontana

Although Southport is only 20 miles from Liverpool, England, there were relatively few beat groups from the town. The only professional one during the Merseybeat era was Rhythm And Blues Inc, who took their name from their love of R&B and the instrumental group, Sounds Inc. Their act included such favourites as ‘Wee Wee Hours’, ‘Watch Your Step’ and ‘Got My Mojo Working’. The line-up that recorded for Fontana Records was Pete Kelly (b. 5 August 1946, Southport, England; vocals), Barry Womersley (b. 18 May 1945, Liverpool, England; lead guitar), Mick McKay (b. 4 August 1943, Liverpool, England; rhythm guitar), John McCaffrey (b. 16 August 1946, Southport, England; bass) and Alan Menzies (b. 5 August 1947, Liverpool, England; drums). They cut two numbers that were part of the act, ‘Louie Louie’/‘Honey Don’t’ and although they were popular throughout the UK, they made no further records. The group split in 1965 and Pete Kelly formed Pete Kelly’s Solution, who cut ‘Midnight Confession’, and he has since worked as a highly-rated, blues-based performer. Under the name Kin Kelly he cut seven singles for the Gipsy label in the early 80s. Barry Womersley became part of the Big Three and the Clayton Squares. He auditioned for (Gerry And) The Pacemakers after Marsden had left, which never came to fruition, and for Mike Pender’s Searchers, where he was rejected for being too tall! Alan Menzies played in various bands and is now in the Beatles tribute band, the Bootles. Following the occasional reunion, Kelly, Womersley and McCaffrey front a new line-up of Rhythm And Blues Inc and most bookings are around London. Womersley comments, ‘Ollie Halsall was in the band initially and he worked with Neil Innes in the Rutles. I’ve wondered if the name Barry Wom comes from me.’

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