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Leo Borchard

Лев Львович Боргард, Lew Ljewitsch Borchard

Также известно как: L. L. Borchard
Группа в интернете: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leo_Borchard

Дискография Leo Borchard:

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Born March 31st, 1899; died August 23rd, 1945, Berlin. Russian conductor and leader of the Berlin [a260744] for a brief period. Among others he worked with [a706861] at the German radio company ORAG. During the war he wrote a libretto for [a273520]'s "Der Großinquisitor". On May 26th, 1945 he conducted the Philharmoniker's first performance just two weeks after WWII, eventuelly becoming the leader of the Philharmoniker. In 1938, during the Nazi regime he founded the resistance group "Onkel Emil" together with his partner Ruth Andreas-Friedrich, helping Jews in Berlin. On August 23rd, 1945 Leo Borchard was shot by an American soldier while entering the American sector of Berlin.

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