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Grandpa Candys

Grandpa Candys

Члены группы Grandpa Candys: Aleksandar Simić, Andreja Milošević, Dejan Ljubljenović, Marko Mrčarica, Saša Jovanović (4)
Группа в интернете: http://www.myspace.com/grandpacandys

Дискография Grandpa Candys:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Flaming Dynamite 13 audio iTunes 2001 ITMM
2 Captain Crash 6 audio iTunes 2004 Active Time
3 666.000 Miles On The Wrong Way 12 audio iTunes 2005 Active Time
4 Wrecking At Black House No. 13 16 audio iTunes Not On Label

In the beginning of 1989, Saša Jovanović with Tomislav Božović (of The Cool Shakes) founded in Belgrade a popular rockabilly band called Rock Therapy. The band’s existence lasted for five years. During that time period it went on tour through ex-Yugoslavia, Italy, Austria and Switzerland (where the band broke-up in 1994). In 1996, Saša Jovanović established a new band called Mr. Blue, and released one LP record, “Sa druge strane ogledala”. Right after shooting the video for “Lepe žene prolaze kroz grad”, the band split up. In November of 1998, on a party in Belgrade, under the influence of Milan and Sandra from Devil Records, and after listening to some new records (RHH, Batmobile, Demented are Go, Mad Sin, Peacocks etc.), the musical orientation of Saša Jovanović expanded from plain rockabilly to other styles of music such as ska, punk, surf, and psychobilly. That same year, in Greenwood Studio Jovanović met Aleksandar Simić Sima and Andreja Milošević, where they established demo band called Čikine Bombone. Soon after, the band had the first gig with Urgh!]in SKC, Belgrade. In January of 1999, with a slight help from Radio-television B92, they recorded their first LP, “Flaming Dynamite”, and that is where the band gets its new name, Grandpa Candys, inspired by a late ‘60 comic book character - Grandpa Jim Candys.The band also played several shows in Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Because of NATO intervention in 1999, the band temporarily stopped playing. In 2001, the Grandpa Candys released “Flaming Dynamite” for ITMM Records, and that same year appeared on the Raucous Records’ compilation “Psychobilly Freakout” with the song “My little sister”. In 2002, the band released its second album called “Captain Crash” for Active Time Records and shot the video for “Psycho in New Orleans”, and played on Belgrade’s Beer Fest. During 2005, they recorded their third album called “666.000 miles on the wrong way”, and shot the video for the song “Paralyzed”. It also should be noted that the band (Grandpa Candys) is mostly influenced by Misfits, 7 Seconds and The Stray Cats. Grandpa Candys Line-Up: Saša Jovanović - Jovandeka - vocals, guitar Andreja Milošević - contrabass Marko Mrčarica - drums

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