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DJ Lethal Skillz

Hussein Mao

Также известно как: Lethal Skills
Группа в интернете: http://www.djlethalskillz.com, http://www.myspace.com/djlethalskillz

Дискография DJ Lethal Skillz:

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Hussein Mao a.k.a Lethal Skillz, an Arabic hip-hop DJ of Lebanese origin from Beirut, entered Hip-hop in the mid eighties fusing Hip-Hop with oriental Arabian culture and tradition, while creating a platform for Arabian emcees. A heavy weight in the genre of Turntablism in the war-torn Middle East and Northern Africa. LS also known as the "PhonoSapien Monk of da 3’rd World" has managed to maintain his longevity in Hip-hop for over a decade. Holding down Arabia as a Dj, Turntablist and Producer, and as one half of Arabia’s most Hardcore act [b]Dezert Dragonz[/b] with fellow MC Omarz (Sayf iDeen), LS is also the first Arab Dj to translate the Turntablism art form to Arabic and is pushing it across the 3’rd World.

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