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Kaz Money

Edmond Kasparian

Группа в интернете: http://www.myspace.com/desertdesciplez

Дискография Kaz Money:

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Hip-hop MC from Abu Dhabi, UAE, and founding member of the [b]Desert Disciplez[/b], Kaz Money was born and raised in the United Arab Emirates to a father of Armenian/Syrian heritage and a mother of Italian/Eritrean heritage. Being raised in such a family exposed him to different cultures making it very easy to adapt to different situations and develop an understanding and appreciation of the differences between these cultures. Educated in Canada Kaz managed to develop his skills as an MC and start recording his own music. Signing with 'Creative Kingdom Records' in 2006, Kaz has been working closely with locally acclaimed producer Abdul Razzak a.k.a "Prince Q", releasing two Mix-CD's '[b]Thoughts for food[/b]' in (2006) and '[b]Scrap Metal[/b]' in (2008), followed by his debut album '[b]Timesup[/b]' the same year.

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