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MC Moe

Группа в интернете: http://www.myspace.com/mcmoe

Дискография MC Moe:

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Lebanese hip-hop MC, born June 7th 1984 in Beirut, Lebanon and raised in Nigeria. MC Moe aka Gemini 7 (G7) moved back to his home town Beirut end of 1997. Fueled with African soul, life, and experience, he created an original fusion of African roots, Lebanese struggle and American Hip Hop culture. From there on, he set out to perfect his lyrics and understanding of the genre as he dwelled into the inner strife of Arab citizenship. From the streets, to the clubs, to the beach parties, to the live radio show and eventually across the borders landing international events as a hype man mc and rapper, the name of MC Moe was passed on from tongue to tongue. As an MC, he is the region's finest Entertainers. He started his career with the notorious Hip Hop night club – Egzit – as the Resident MC from 2002 until the club shut down early 2006. One of the fruits of his labors was teaming up with the Middle East’s Number one Hip Hop and R&B DJ, Mix FM’s (Middle East’s Number One Radio Station of 2006) DJ Rapbase (May God Rest His Soul in Peace – passed away March 2008). He became Mix FM’s official MC in 2004, taking the region by storm as the new duo set the precedence in Hip Hop clubbing experience. He created his own unique style that as most people would agree has been imitated by all the seedlings trying to follow his path. Hosted events across Lebanon’s night clubs and the region (concentrated in Cyprus). Also single handedly responsible for the Hip Hop sets at Mix FM’s infamous yearly One Big Sundays (All day beach party). As of 2005 he was officially hosting the weekly live Mix FM R&B show with DJ Rapbase. A show that brought prime time Hip Hop and R&B music with MC Moe’s original touch to the Lebanese scene. In 2007 he devoured a 7000 strong crowd at the opening set of Mix FM’s [a=Massari] concert. As a Hip Hop artist, he teamed up with Lebanon’s finest to form an elite crew known to the world as 961 Underground. Since the early 2000’s they have put together a massive collection of original tracks, from the Hip Hop banging to the Club oriented. All of course with an original touch. Latest MC Moe releases include two hit videos co-produced by Malaysia’s finest [url=http://www.discogs.com/artist/DJ+Fuzz+(2)]DJ Fuzz[/url]. First video (KL to Beirut) aired on MTV Arabia. Academically, he graduated from the American University of Beirut along with the class of 2008, with Distinction, achieving a B.S in Computer Science and a minor in Economics. He instantly landed a job with a well reputable Multi National Financial Services Software company in their Paris office. He now lives there, making capital, only to put it back into the Hip Hop game.

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