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Группа в интернете: http://www.myspace.com/djtrickc

Дискография Trick-C:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Tiere EP 4 audio iTunes 2010-10-11 Glorio Music
2 Kids Want Techno EP 6 audio iTunes 2011-03-28 AK Recordings
3 The Reason Why 6 audio iTunes 2012-10-22 Válvula Records

Trick-C. (DJ,organisator,producer) First lady of Slovenian techno has been firmly stuck behind turntables for over a decade. As a DJ and party organiser she has established herself within the international campaign Urban Divas attracting ladies devoted to dance electronics and their adherents of various artistic expressions. Lately she has also been succeeding with her original production which, just like her sets, feeds on deep underground. * * * * * * * * * * If it's true that regular change of environment is of key importance for artists, the “mother of Prlekija techno” is on a good path to be printed in bold in clubbing annals. A girl form Štajerska born in Germany was assigned a music career at birth. Her mother decided to call her Claudia, but in the maternity ward she was crying so beautifully and loud that nurses changed her name to Carmen with regard to the opera of the same name, as she only slept if she was given earphones to cover her ears. A bit more than a quarter of a century later she is known as Trick-C and she wouldn't swap her earphones and the adrenaline that she experiences when putting the player needle on vinyl records for anything in the world. To win the title “the mummy of Prlekija techno” she worked hard at the beginning of her career as she was cultivating the hills around Ljutomer with new electro sounds, and later, having moved to Maribor and then to Ljubljana her network of partners and adherents grew constantly. With her companion in life DJ Point she worked a lot in Croatia, they were among the organisers of the first techno parties, and even now Trick-C continues to foster the cultural exchange with neighbours as a soloist. At least as much as a DJ she is known as an organiser of parties in clubs, including Lipa, K4, Channel Zero, Trust, ex Fun Factory, Klub Kaos and SubSub. Urban Divas is the name of her parties and at the same time a socially engaged international campaign, within which she and her adherents wish to provide dance floors with additional female touch: "As it is always difficult for us to get opportunities for regular performances I try to gather as many good female DJ's under one roof as possible. I favour long-term cooperations as such evenings are easier to promote, yet I pay a lot of attention to less renowned girls to provide them with an opportunity that I often didn't have." Trick-C has devoted the past few years intensely to creating her own music. The same as when working behind a turntable, she doesn't pay much respect to fashion trends, but rather build her own music story, which was always fed on alternative music. She follows this music philosophy in her latest track DeTour, which is closer to pristine techno than the impersonal music matrices that have lately seduced the majority of old fighters. This recording was released officially by the Slovenian techno record label Vezotonik of international renown as an EP featuring six tracks of various authors (including Miličević,Kobaya,Veztax…) Some chosen - artist she worked with: Umek (SI), Misjah (NL), Kanzyani (SI), La Di Da (CZ), Joel Muel (SW), Veztax (SI), Kiki (HR), Mary (HR), Ian F. (SI), Marcus Storck SW), Virgin Helena (HR), Gayle Sun (UK), Damon Wild (UK), Teenage techno punks (SER), Carlijn (NL), Electric Indigo (AUT), Mistress Barbara (S), Beyza (TR), Lori The HiFi Princess (AUT),... - Clubs in Slovenia: U-Bahn, Gustav Pekarna, Sfings, Lipa Klub, K4, Heaven, Afrika, Chanell 0, Cvetlicarna-Mediapark, Super Li, Cafe Galerija, Bollywood, Fun Factory, Kaos, Sub Sub, Izbruh bazen - and abroad: Theatro (A), Castle Mikulichi (HR-Zagreb), Valentino (HR-Zagreb), Fourt Bourgignon (HR-Pula), Oxygene (HR-Osijek), Ladies room@trance festival (Zadar), Fuse (BE-Brusseles), Cube (BE-Brusseles), K-Nal (BE-Brusseles), Masters (HR-Zagreb), Fanatic (HR-Zagreb), De Ja Vu (Izmet-TR), Gonia (TR), Joshava Djakovo (HR), - Festivals: Space Night Celje (SI), UFO beats (HR), SLO All Stars I+II+III (SI), Optimistica I+II (SI), Interparty&Underground Grooves (I+II+III), Born to be wild festival (SI), City of woman festival (SI), LoveBall (BE-Brusseles 2006), Festival Vinkovačke jeseni (SI), Bolywood dance festival (SI) - organised events and residencies: 1995/96 Energy trip I,II in III, Ladies night (SI- 1997), residencie klub Belevue 2000 – 2001 (SI), residencie Sfings klub 2001-2002 (SI), Ladies Update (2003,SI-Ljubljana, 2 ladies floors), Bodywork @ Gustav Pekarna, (SI-2005), MyWay @ Impulz Future Club (SI- 2006), Ladies Snatch @ K4, (SI-2005), Woman Attack @ Cvetlicharna (SI- 2006), Body freaqeenc's (SI- 2009) Urban Divas projects: UD Pioneers@Cvetlicarna 2007 (LJ), Urban Divas@Bollywood dance festival 2007 (Metlika), Urban Divas@Chanell 0 (2007-6 events with guests), Urban Divas@T-Club Maribor (2007-3 events), Confessions on a dancefloor@Cvetlicarna Mediapark (SI-2008), Urban Divas@Fun Factory (SI-2008), Urban Divas@ Klub Sub Sub (SI- 2009), Urban Divas@Klub Kaos (SI-2009-2 events), Urban Divas@Cvetličarna Mediapark (SI-2009)

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