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Yoram Itzhak Vazana

יורם יצחק ואזאנא (Yoram Itzhak Vazana)

Также известно как: Yoram Isaac Vazana, Yoram Itshak Vazana, Yoram Vazana

Дискография Yoram Itzhak Vazana:

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Started to DJ at the age of 15, won the Israeli DMC mixing competition in 88-89, and took part in the international competition, then judged in the international and Israeli contests. Was the resident DJ and A & R of NMC/CBS records in Israel, representing Sony, Mute, Def Jam, and worked on mixing compilations that went gold and platinum, and played in IT in Amsterdam, and Digital Overdose. Worked as the A & R of the biggest music companies in Israel, like Hed Arzi, representing Warner, BMG and Manifesto. Since those days, he's opened his own company called "IMP Records" in 93-94, and produced a few series of successful compilations like "Dreamland" and "Volume", produced artists such as Dana International, Offer Nissim and many more. In 94 he started his own radio show, called "Gush Dance" on 106.7fm - a local Tel Aviv radio station. After its success, Israel National Radio took it in and the show was on prime time - called Intensive Broadcasting Unit. Now he's broadcasting daily evening show on the radio (90fm), focuses on mixes from all over the world - pop and radio friendly tracks. Lately produced and have finished an album for a new singer called Itsik Orlev.

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