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Kelenkye Band

Также известно как: ケレンケ・バンド

Дискография Kelenkye Band:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Moving World 8 audio iTunes 1974 Emporium Records
2 Moving World 8 audio iTunes 2011 Superfly Records (2)
3 Jungle Funk 4 audio iTunes 2012-05-01

The Ghanaian Music Scene, Like Any Other Elsewhere, Is Very Intersting Indeed; It Is Crowded With All Sorts Of Musicians, Some Obviously Vey Talented , Others Not So Well Elusive Quality Called 'Talent' - All Of Them, Collectivelly And Individualy, Craving And Demanding A High Place In The Local Music Publicity-Stakes. But Every So Often, There Bursts Upon Our music Scene A musician Or A Group That Is Not Talented But, As Far as Talent Goes, Is Poles Apart From, Or Lights Years Ahead Of, All Others. Such A Collection Of Musicians Is, Without The Slightest Doubt, The AFRO KELENKYE BAND, Whose Debut LP Is Before Your Own Two Eyes, Recorded For Emporium Records - The Latest Recording Label In The Country Owned And Managed By A Young, Creative, Talent-Scout Called Augustus Kerry Taylor. For Both Kelenkye Band And Mr Taylor, This Is A "First" In The Sense That For Kelenkye, Collectively And Not Individually, This Is Their First Recording Attempt, And For Mr Taylor, His First 'Go' At Recording And Lauching Of A Group On Wax. How Succesful The Marriage Of Professional Talents Has Been Is As Easily Seen As Your Own Thumb-Nails. Kelenkye Band, Even Though All Of Them Have Never Perfomed Together Publicly Under This Name, But Came Together Purposely To Record This LP MOVING WORLD, Are Gifted Musicians, Each Of Whom Has Surely Paid His Dues Playing With One Or The Other Of The Top pop Groups In The Country. Names Like Leslie Addy, Officer Toro, Oko Ringo, Soldier And Steve Adjeladje Are Well Known To The Regular "Night Tripper" To Dances In Accra, Not To Mention Their Leader And Lead Guitarist Jagger Botchway, Who As Had Some Kind Of International Exposure, First For His Work With Hedzoleh Soundz And, Later, For His Stint With Hugh Masekela And Ojah. The Music Of Kelenky Band Is Wisely And Suitably Varied To Cater For All Tastes: There's Afro-Rock, Funk, Reggae And Even Highlife, All Played In The Distinctive Kelekye Way. My Mind Was Surely Boggled When I First Heard The Recordings And Wondered How A Group Of Local Musicians, Not Known To One Another In A Single Performing Band, Could Generate So Much Warmth, Enthusiasm, Togetherness And, Above all, Talent In Their First Recordings. Kudos To Both Kelenkye Band And Emporium Records. Charlie Sam (Dr Felgood) G.B.C. 2, Accra Bands Men 1) Jagger Botchway (Leader) 2) Leslie Addy (Vocals) 3) Oko Ringo (Rhtyhm) 4) Officer Toro (Conga) 5) Joe Wellington (Bass) 6) Steve Adjeladje (Clarinet) 7) Soldier (Drums) Produced By Augustus Kerry Taylor

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