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Pier Francesco Pingitore

Pier Francesco Pingitore, nickname Ninni

Также известно как: F. Pingitore, P. F. Pingitore, P. Pingitore, P.F. Pingitore, P.F. Pungitore, Pingitore

Дискография Pier Francesco Pingitore:

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Born in Catanzaro, September 27, 1934, is an Italian author and movie, theater and cabaret director. In 1965 he founded with [a=Mario Castellacci] the company [i]Il Bagaglino[/i] where he signed all the lyrics and directed thousands of TV cabaret show, which was attended by important Italian names as [a=Pippo Franco], [a=Oreste Lionello], [a=Enrico Montesano], Pino Caruso, Gianfranco D'Angelo, Leo Gullotta, [a=Pamela Prati], [a=Gabriella Ferri], [a=Laura Troschel], [a=Maria Grazia Buccella], Valeria Marini. Since 1997 also makes some TV movies.

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