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Patrick Malcherek

Группа в интернете: http://www.djnewstyler.com, http://www.facebook.com/djnewstyler, http://www.twitter.com/djnewstyler, http://www.myspace.com/djnewstyler, http://www.youtube.com/newstylermusic

Дискография Newstyler:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Earthquake - Ignored & Provoked 40 audio iTunes 2011-08-29 Rotterdam Records

[b]Styles:[/b] Mainstream Hardcore / early Hardcore / Darkcore [b]Date of birth:[/b] 16-07-1985 [b]Residence:[/b] Aachen - Germany [b]References:[/b] Megarave, Syndicate, Earthquake, A Nightmare in Rotterdam, Raving Nightmare, Intenze, Proud 2 be Hardcore, Hellraiser, Hard Emotions, Enzyme Incubation, Toxication, Neophyte - Live & Loud, Nightmare Outdoor, Hardcore Warriors, Cherry Moon etc. [b]Biography:[/b] His interest in hardcore music already began with the age of thirteen. From then on he was always in touch with the scene. Beginning 2001 he visited his first hardcore parties, among others in the discotheke Peppermill in Heerlen/NL and Blue Palace in Belgium. His love for this music grew further and further from this time on. In 2003 he bought his first vinyl and DJ-equipment. One year later DJ Newstyler began practicing regulary to improve his mixing technique and mixed many demo CDs. On 31th October 2004 he had his first performance in discotheke Spuugh (Vaals/NL). Early 2005 he started making music together with D-Ceptor, Stylewars, D.O.T. and MC Violence. His first gig on a bigger event (Raving Nightmare) was in Tarm Center Cologne 16th July 2005, which was followed some months later by his first gig at Intenze. During this term of his career he also played at several smaller events in Germany, Belgium and Holland. 2006 he was also booked as resident DJ at Club Quinta in Belgium and spinned there every saturday. Later on his bookings became more and he was also seen at bigger events all over Germany. Starting 2008 he got rewarded for his engagement. His talent was discovered by Underground House Movement and he became one of their Artists. With that, Newstyler was one of the most booked Hardcore DJs from Germany in 2008 and 2009, this ranking is still valid nowadays. In the year 2009 DJ Newstyler purchased his first software and hardware equipment to start producing his own hardcore tracks in his home-studio. He worked very hard on his producer/DJ carreer to steady his name in the scene. 2010 he tied in with this success and produced together with D-Ceptor and Triax the track "Our Game" that was released A1 on [UHMR09] Raving Nightmare - Man's Inhumanity EP. Later in 2010 the next highspot, on 23th May the Proud 2 Be Hardcore concept was dedicated to his name: "Proud 2 Be Hardcore - Newstyler in Charge!" took place with 4 areas at Matrix Bochum in Germany. The result of this event was a big success. Climax of his career till now were performances at A Nightmare in Rotterdam, Earthquake, Syndicate, Enzyme Incubation , Hellraiser and Megarave.

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