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Mr. Madness (2)

Sašo Justin

Также известно как: Mr Madness
Группа в интернете: http://www.mr-madness.si, https://www.facebook.com/pages/MrMadness/182378387443, https://twitter.com/mrmadness27, http://www.youtube.com/user/OfficialMrMadness?feature=mhee, https://partyflock.nl/artist/47622:Mr_Madness.html, http://soundcloud.com/mr-madness-1

Дискография Mr. Madness (2):

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Fuckin' MFS 3 audio iTunes 2010-02-25 SEUA Digital Records
2 Fuckin' MFS 3 audio iTunes 2010-02-25 SEUA Digital Records
3 Break The Silence 4 audio iTunes 2010 Hardvolume Records
4 Time For New Blood 4 audio iTunes 2012-06-15 Industrial Strength Records
5 Madcore EP Bonus Edition 6 audio iTunes 2012-07-20 Hard Kryptic Records
6 Madcore EP 4 audio iTunes 2012-07-20 Hard Kryptic Records
7 Ground Zero - The Night Project 42 audio iTunes 2012-08-31
8 Madcore27 Part 1 22 audio iTunes 2012-04-20 Gabber.FM
9 Madcore27 Part 2 22 audio iTunes 2012-05-18 Gabber.FM
10 From Industrial To Madcore27 (Part3) 5 audio iTunes 2012-06-15 Gabber.FM
11 Madcore 27, Part 4 19 audio iTunes 2012-08-17 Gabber.FM
12 Madcore 27, Part 5 23 audio iTunes 2012-10-19 Gabber.FM
13 Open Fire 3 audio iTunes 2013-07-01 Toxic Sickness Digital
14 Deathwish EP 3 audio iTunes 2013-07-26 Industrial Strength Records
15 Burn It 2 audio iTunes 2013-08-02 Hard Kryptic Records
16 Bleeding Is Horror 3 audio iTunes 2013-11-28
17 Russian Roulette E.P. 2 audio iTunes 2014-02-00 GGM Digital
18 Path To Darkness 4 audio iTunes 2014-09-15 Dark Matter

“I was born with passion for music!” Mr.Madness is the founder of hardcore music in Slovenia. With his unique sytle called “Madcore27” he knows how to make crowd go crazy and doesn´t let them breath for a second. His releases on labels like Industrial Strength and many others he stands still in the hardcore scene globaly! Saso Justin started to write history in 1997, as the first Slovenian hardcore DJ to perform in Austria, Germany, Hungary, and The Netherlands as well as all the major clubs arround Slovenia, he would be known as »The Godfather of Hardcore« in Slovenia and the best Closing act you can have! 2010 brought a growing success for Mr. Madness which included a well received remix for Germany's DJ Sam Punk, released his 1st solo EP »Fuckin MFs'« on Swedish label SEAU, and joined German label Hardvolume Records. This signing delivered the first recognized hardcore vinyl from a Slovenian arist »Break the Silence«. To round out the year Sašo also received the chance to make a remix for Italian hardstyle godfather DJ Vortex and well known DNA Records artists Cemon Victa. 2011 was an even busier time for The Godfather. Mr. Madness was given the opportunity to remix a track by Stocker »Gamemaker« for Germany's Important Corestyle. Soon after he became a resident of Extreme Club in Slovenia and program manager for hardcore events in the legendery underground club Club K4. From here he`s solidfied himself for being the best closing act in all the bigger and harder events in Slovenia and abroad. In 2012 he released his next solo EP on USA's Hard Kryptic Records which included the music video for »Jump Mfer«. Soon after he saw the collab release with Dano for legendy Industrial Strength Records. As a DJ he was the closing act at the Ground Zero Festival where he was priviledged to make the mix for its official compilation, performed on Thunderdome Radio, 10 years of Hardcore Hooligans and much more! Set for 2013 he has already been tapped to play on some of the biggest events and already finished many projects and remixes with artists like Dano, System 3, Koney, How Hard, Cemon Victa for labels Industrial Strength, Hard Kryptic, GGM, Digital Plague, Red Fever, Dark Matter , and many others. His latest EP "Deathwish" which was released on Industrial Strength with big support from Lenny Dee, Dano, Stromtrooper, Vortex aka Vextor, Cemon Victa to name only a few....came just in two days to top position on Juno download with the main tune "Madcore Lesson" which stayed in Top 5 of all best selling Gabba tracks for more than a Month! His tracks were presented on compilations Ground Zero, Industrial Strength, Hardcore made in Germany, Hard Kryptic - Bogotrax festival, Digital Plague, Gabberwalky´s Techshow, The best of Hardcore 2010,...... so pay attention with what this crazy guy will surely bring us next! For bookings in Belgium: info@footworxx.com For bookings elsewhere send email to: bookings@mr-madness.si

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